Five tips to keep your furnace clean

  1. Household cleaning-wise, you have to make sure that the air filters of your furnace are neat as new and monitored on a regular basis. Air filters are important for the elimination of particles from the air to ensure you are provided with good quality air in your home. In addition, the air filters have to be properly taken care of and should be checked on once in a while for effectiveness. First of all, your gas equipment should be checked regularly.
  2. We suggest that you change and clean the air filters often. Imagine having dirty furnace filters. Not nice, right? Dirty furnaces decrease the life span of the furnace and increase your expenses on the heating system. Make sure you check and inspect your replacement filters at least once per month. Check them at least twice during the heating or cooling seasons.

  1. Make sure you clean and wash the filters monthly if you are using the permanent type. Electronic air cleaner filters are to be cleaned and washed once per month or every two months. When you are checking on the blower motor, don’t forget to turn off the electric power first before you begin to work on the motor. If the furnace belt is damaged or broken, it should be replaced immediately. You should make sure that the part being used for replacement is the right one. It is advisable to have an extra belt on hand everytime. Before making any modifications or adjustments, make sure you turn off the power first. When you are applying oil to the fan monitor, pay attention to the motor. There are some types of furnaces that don’t need to be lubricated. However, majority of the fan motors need to be oiled regularly.
  2. Also, when you are examining the fan or blower, be sure that the fins on the blower fan are free of dust and there is no dirt on them. Make sure that the frame or housing of the fan is also free of debris. Make sure you set the approriate humidity level so as to save on energy expenses, when you check on the dehumidifier. It is advisable to clean the humidifier once a month. In a case where hard water is being used, you have to check up on it more often. The pad or wick of your humidifier should be changed once a year. It is very necessary to check the chimneys and vents keenly. But before you do that, examine whether the vent or chimney is blocked with debris.
  3. It is also advisable to keep your furnace area clean and neat always. Try not to store paint strippers, chemicals, chlorine, paint thinners, gasoline, kerosene, and other related chemicals in the furnace room. Take away all obstructions that could hinder a proper examination of the furnace.

These few tips should be followed if you want to maintain that dust-free household air that you’ve always desired when using air filters.