Five signs it’s time to replace your air conditioning

Most homeowners find it challenging to know when to replace their HVAC units. The proper functioning of your air conditioner is key because it impacts the air quality in your home. Most companies recommend HVAC system replacement to be done in the cooler months before summer comes. No one wants their air conditioning to break down during the hot summer because of the discomfort that it will cause. Is it time to replace my air conditioner? if you’re wondering when to replace your system and avoid inconveniences, we are here to help. Below are signs that it is time to consider replacing your AC system.

Your system is more than a decade old

Most air conditioners are designed to last approximately ten years after which they need replacement. Once you notice your Ac is getting to the end of this lifespan, plan for its replacement. Living with an old equipment will cost you much money every month due to its inefficiency. You can save a lot of money by upgrading to a new AC system because an older system uses much energy than a new one.

Frequent Expensive repairs

Has your air conditioning clearwater become more troublesome and expensive than its worth? If you have had HVAC repair services for your system so often, you should consider replacing it. The repair costs can really add up and it is not sensible to continue making them on the older units. Investing in a new one will give you peace of mind and comfort.

You’re thinking of reselling your home.

If you’re planning to move out in a short period, replacing the air conditioning system is one of the best ideas. A new AC will boost the value of your home and you’ll realize an impressive return on investment when selling it. Potential buyers may not wish to purchase a home which they will have to replace the existing air conditioning system soon.  

There’s noise during operation

Pay close attention to how loud your system sounds when in operation. An efficiently functioning air conditioning should operate almost silently. If your system makes noises that usually don’t hear when it makes cycles, could be a sign that your system is getting old and inefficient. Consider hiring a professional for system replacement.

Utility bills are rising

The efficiency of an HVAC system reduces as it approaches the end of its lifespan. If you notice that your utility bills are rising yet you didn’t change anything about how you use your air conditioner, it may not be operating efficiently anymore. This is an indication that you may need to replace your system. You can save the cost of energy bills by installing a more efficient unit.