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Feng Shui Cures

Feng Shui Placement: Your Bamboo Flute as Cure

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Special Root End Feng Shui Blonde Flute

Many flutes on the market are actually made from cane, but our Bamboo Feng Shui flutes have the nodes and joints of true bamboo. It's those nodes and joints that give each bamboo flute an "energetic push" - to raise and give lift to Chi. Feng Shui consultants often recommend hanging a genuine bamboo flute in the home. Depending upon your specific needs, we offer the most powerful Root End Bamboo Flutes, and multiple node bamboo flutes in a variety of sizes and styles.

Bamboo Flutes are considered one of the best Feng Shui cures available.

Bamboo Flutes create strength and support, and give an energy push - the nodes and root in your flute are the source of the energy originally sent throughout the Bamboo plant, and represent this "chi" energy in physical form when hung in your home.

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High Quality Bamboo Flutes

Our flutes are made from carefully selected and cured Genuine Bamboo. Each flute is hand-crafted by the flutemaker right here in our Eugene Oregon workshop - not mass produced in a factory!

Bamboo Feng Shui Flutes

For Feng Shui practitioners, we offer specifically crafted bamboo feng shui flutes in a wide range of sizes and number of nodes. Each is designed with physical beauty and well as energetic properties in mind.

Our root based flute is crafted from special bamboo which contains extra nodes - plus the root base to raise and give lift to Chi. Root based flutes are available in both blonde and black bamboo.

Did you know that many flutes sold as Feng Shui bamboo flutes are actually made from cane? Cane has no nodes and does not contain the beneficial energetic properties of bamboo. Therefore, cane flutes do not act as a Feng Shui cure.

Insist on genuine bamboo flutes!

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