Five tips to keep your furnace clean

  1. Household cleaning-wise, you have to make sure that the air filters of your furnace are neat as new and monitored on a regular basis. Air filters are important for the elimination of particles from the air to ensure you are provided with good quality air in your home. In addition, the air filters have to be properly taken care of and should be checked on once in a while for effectiveness. First of all, your gas equipment should be checked regularly.
  2. We suggest that you change and clean the air filters often. Imagine having dirty furnace filters. Not nice, right? Dirty furnaces decrease the life span of the furnace and increase your expenses on the heating system. Make sure you check and inspect your replacement filters at least once per month. Check them at least twice during the heating or cooling seasons.

  1. Make sure you clean and wash the filters monthly if you are using the permanent type. Electronic air cleaner filters are to be cleaned and washed once per month or every two months. When you are checking on the blower motor, don’t forget to turn off the electric power first before you begin to work on the motor. If the furnace belt is damaged or broken, it should be replaced immediately. You should make sure that the part being used for replacement is the right one. It is advisable to have an extra belt on hand everytime. Before making any modifications or adjustments, make sure you turn off the power first. When you are applying oil to the fan monitor, pay attention to the motor. There are some types of furnaces that don’t need to be lubricated. However, majority of the fan motors need to be oiled regularly.
  2. Also, when you are examining the fan or blower, be sure that the fins on the blower fan are free of dust and there is no dirt on them. Make sure that the frame or housing of the fan is also free of debris. Make sure you set the approriate humidity level so as to save on energy expenses, when you check on the dehumidifier. It is advisable to clean the humidifier once a month. In a case where hard water is being used, you have to check up on it more often. The pad or wick of your humidifier should be changed once a year. It is very necessary to check the chimneys and vents keenly. But before you do that, examine whether the vent or chimney is blocked with debris.
  3. It is also advisable to keep your furnace area clean and neat always. Try not to store paint strippers, chemicals, chlorine, paint thinners, gasoline, kerosene, and other related chemicals in the furnace room. Take away all obstructions that could hinder a proper examination of the furnace.

These few tips should be followed if you want to maintain that dust-free household air that you’ve always desired when using air filters.

Make Your Home Glow

Our homes are often long term features of our lives. Apart from their financial or economic value as assets, homes also have an intrinsic value for us as people. Your home is a statement that depicts your sense of style and taste. Considering all of these, the bottom line is that homes have to be kept looking as good as they can. In fact, the appearance of your home may have either a positive or negative effect on your mood and psychology.

To get your home looking the brightest it can, here are a couple of things you can do:

  • Play Around With Your lighting: Chandeliers, wall brackets, colored bulbs, and other forms of artificial lightning will definitely make your place look beautiful, having the right colors in the right places in all the right place will make your guests appreciate your place, increase the value of your property, and also leave you feeling satisfied.
  • Use the Power of Art: Art works, apart from the fact that they appreciate in value over time, add special aesthetic effects to the home. It’s often a good starting point for dinner discussions. Paintings, especially masterpieces, also exude an aura of being educated and intellectual.
  • Build a Garden: Gardens and the plants in them are a beautiful way to get connect with nature. The benefits are almost innumerable, cleaner air all around, something to keep you busy during your free time and so on. You can grow nice ornamental plants and beautify your home.
  • Build a nice patio or extension: There’s nothing like being able to sit outdoors and relax in the evenings or all day during vacation. A nice patio or even having arm chairs in the garden will add to the appeal of your home and make it look even better
  • Consider getting a paint job: Even if the exterior paint of your home isn’t fading or peeling off yet, adding a coat of paint is never out of place to add to the glow of your home. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you could even decide to do your house up in a whole different color.

Much is changing the face of HVAC

The Internet of Things revolution has been massive. The ability to have such remotely absolute control over our devices has been pushing this technology forward faster than ever. Not even the usual fear of getting breached due to the use of the internet is stopping people from getting involved with IoT. Amidst all of this excitement, a particular field that has been in existence for long- HVAC- is taking more than its fair share of attention.
We’ve always tried to get our HVAC systems (air conditioners and heaters) to work without much assistance from us. This explains remote controls for air conditioners and thermostats for heaters. IoT, however, helps us achieve this aim in a way that’s never been tried before. We can now control our temperature regulation devices from even outside the building all through the tap of a screen. The feeling of glee engendered by such cutting-edge technology borders on magic.
Despite all of this, IoT is still just a tool in the end. Its effects depend both on its own efficiency and on the knowledge and understanding of the user. In this piece, we are going to consider a couple of things you need to look out for in selecting an IoT platform for your HVAC system.
Security: The importance of security cannot be overemphasized. IoT is internet based and this means there’s increased susceptibility to cyber-attacks and malicious software. Having an external party be in control of the temperature and other atmospheric conditions is not a very good idea. When that external party is malicious, you have a potentially fatal situation on ground. Like a popular maxim says, “if you can’t secure it, don’t purchase it” It may be better to stay of IoT if there is no reasonable assurance of security.
Use Open source tech: Open source platforms are sure wins when considering which IoT system to work with. This is because they can be programmed or modified to suit particular control requirements. More rigid systems may not offer similar levels of flexibility. Also, there’s the basic and simple reason that open source platforms are free to work on and offer you the opportunity to contribute your quota to making the system better.
Ensure that your system incorporates feedback: As far as temperature levels and other HVAC factors are concerned, preferences are subjective. A temperature that’s too cold for a particular individual may be perfectly normal for another. The definition of ‘too hot’ varies from person to person. A strong feature of IoT must then be its ability to draw inferences from previous usage data and fairly predict the distinct preferences of the user. This is important in providing a totally seamless user experience.
Projected Maintenance: From collected data over time, IoT enabled HVAC systems should be able to alert users when maintenance services are due. It will definitely be an highly undesirable solution if your HVAC system breaks down and the IoT interface tools are unable to control it any longer.

Five signs it’s time to replace your air conditioning

Most homeowners find it challenging to know when to replace their HVAC units. The proper functioning of your air conditioner is key because it impacts the air quality in your home. Most companies recommend HVAC system replacement to be done in the cooler months before summer comes. No one wants their air conditioning to break down during the hot summer because of the discomfort that it will cause. Is it time to replace my air conditioner? if you’re wondering when to replace your system and avoid inconveniences, we are here to help. Below are signs that it is time to consider replacing your AC system.

Your system is more than a decade old

Most air conditioners are designed to last approximately ten years after which they need replacement. Once you notice your Ac is getting to the end of this lifespan, plan for its replacement. Living with an old equipment will cost you much money every month due to its inefficiency. You can save a lot of money by upgrading to a new AC system because an older system uses much energy than a new one.

Frequent Expensive repairs

Has your air conditioning clearwater become more troublesome and expensive than its worth? If you have had HVAC repair services for your system so often, you should consider replacing it. The repair costs can really add up and it is not sensible to continue making them on the older units. Investing in a new one will give you peace of mind and comfort.

You’re thinking of reselling your home.

If you’re planning to move out in a short period, replacing the air conditioning system is one of the best ideas. A new AC will boost the value of your home and you’ll realize an impressive return on investment when selling it. Potential buyers may not wish to purchase a home which they will have to replace the existing air conditioning system soon.  

There’s noise during operation

Pay close attention to how loud your system sounds when in operation. An efficiently functioning air conditioning should operate almost silently. If your system makes noises that usually don’t hear when it makes cycles, could be a sign that your system is getting old and inefficient. Consider hiring a professional for system replacement.

Utility bills are rising

The efficiency of an HVAC system reduces as it approaches the end of its lifespan. If you notice that your utility bills are rising yet you didn’t change anything about how you use your air conditioner, it may not be operating efficiently anymore. This is an indication that you may need to replace your system. You can save the cost of energy bills by installing a more efficient unit.